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Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth in Station Park

New year, new beginnings, and a new brighter smile! Many people have already set their goals for the new year. One of the popular goals is to have a whiter and brighter smile. Achieving this goal can be challenging for some people with sensitive teeth. 

Getting a teeth whitening procedure can be a frightful experience because they are afraid that their sensitive teeth will hurt during or after the teeth whitening process. At We Whiten, you’ll find the teeth whitening procedure that won’t hurt your teeth. Our organic teeth whitening procedure will give you the whiter smile you’ve always wanted.

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The Best Teeth Bleaching in Farmington, Utah

For people who have sensitive teeth, normal teeth whitening pastes and gels might prove too painful or not effective enough for them to use regularly. At We Whiten, we understand your concerns and because of this, we offer organic teeth whitening treatment with zero sensitivity. 

They use soothing organic gel that improves the shade of your enamel instead of using harsher chemicals that many other companies use. In addition, most clients have experienced zero sensitivity during and after the treatment. 

We Whiten professionals are aware of teeth sensitivity problems, which often happen after teeth whitening procedures. They will make sure you feel relaxed before, during, and after your treatment and ensure you won’t experience any pain.

Our Teeth Whitening Process: 

  1. Your teeth will be prepared for the organic teeth whitening treatment. The dentist will apply a soothing gel to remove stains and then activate it with light that won’t hurt your teeth.
  2. Then, We will apply vitamins & minerals throughout the process to promote healthy enamel.
  3. We apply our desensitizing gel to your teeth to re-hydrate and ensure minimal sensitivity  
  4. Enjoy your brand new smile!

Our Teeth Whitening Equipment:

We Whiten uses a special light-activated organic teeth whitening gel. This is a safe procedure, perfect for people with sensitive teeth. Our LED lights will activate the gel and ensure your teeth are whiter than ever.

Our Teeth Whitening Experience:

Most patients have experienced zero sensitivity during and after the treatment! That’s why it makes more sense to go with our We Whiten organic teeth whitening treatment rather than harsh chemicals that can be harmful to sensitive teeth. 

A Pain Free Teeth Whitening Experience

If you have sensitive teeth and want whiter teeth, teeth whitening at We Whiten is your best option. People have experienced minimal to no pain during the teeth whitening process when they undergo organically white teeth whitening treatment. It’s a safe teeth-whitening procedure that will not cause any pain or sensitivity.

Make sure to contact us today and get ready to start your year with a whiter smile!

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