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Professional whitening produces better results

The ultimate goal of whitening your teeth is to have an awesome and beautiful whiter smile. With that in mind, make sure that you are using a whitening solution that is powerful enough to do the trick. Teeth bleaching works when you apply a whitening solution that contains some type of peroxide. The solution we use in our dental office is significantly stronger than what is sold in the stores. Simultaneously, it will penetrate below the surface of your enamel to remove deeper stains. Much of what you buy in the store will only remove surface stains and leave your teeth looking a lighter version of yellow. If you live in the Draper area, you can have whiter teeth, faster, by scheduling the teeth whitening appointment at our whitening studio.

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Should I whiten my teeth at home?

When comparing at home vs. professional whitening solutions, consider what you are trying to accomplish. If your teeth are white but are starting to turn slightly yellow, you may see some positive results with a simple store bought solution. However, if your teeth have any stains, it is far better to skip this step and head straight to our office for a professional teeth whitening. If you do try something at home, there are a few things you should be aware of.

How long the solution remains on your teeth is important. When it comes to teeth bleaching, the whitening solution needs to be on your teeth long enough to work. This is why something like a whitening pen or whitening toothpaste can’t possibly make much of a difference. The solution is washed off almost immediately. Simultaneously, when you buy whitening strips in the store, they tend to slip out of place and also lose their effectiveness.

The solution needs to get below the surface. Any time you look at whitening products, look for ones that say they penetrate below the enamel. When you schedule a professional bleaching, this will happen every time. When you buy something at the store, however, it is rare. Without penetrating below your enamel, you will never truly remove all of the stains. If you live in Draper or the surrounding area, we invite you to visit our studio off 12300 South to see how easy professional whitening is and how much more effective it can be than an at home product. If you live in Draper or the surrounding area, we invite you to visit our whitening studio to see how convenient our professional whitening is and how much more effective it can be than a typical at home product.

Professional teeth whitening and how it works

Our unique method of teeth whitening relies on our professional grade whitening gels. They are entirely safe and will transform the appearance of your teeth without the risk of sensitivity. At We Whiten Draper, we have clients who come in a few times a year to touch up their white smile that enjoy both options, so it really becomes a matter of choice. To discuss this further, we invite you to call (801) 290-1734 and schedule a treatment with our Draper whitening studio.

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