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Whitening Professionals serving the Summerlin, Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Enterprise and Henderson areas in Nevada

The most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in our Las Vegas Enterprise studio is tooth bleaching. We Whiten offers a couple of different options for tooth bleaching, but the one we recommend most is our laser teeth whitening system.

If your smile isn’t as white and bright as you would like it to be, laser teeth whitening may be the perfect solution for you. Learn more by calling 702-623-3576 today for a free consultation with one of our We Whiten teeth whitening specialists.

So Why Choose Laser Teeth Whitening?

So what can you expect from laser teeth whitening? First, we’ll start with a thorough preparation process, which includes applying a moisture barrier substance to your lips and gums, to protect them from our dental whitening light, as well as protective eye glasses. Next, we will move to the actual whitening process, which involves applying our safe, high-strength, light-activated hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth. You’ll undergo three 20-minute sessions while our whitening gel works its magic, during which time you can relax and listen to music of your choosing.

Once the whitening treatment is completed, we’ll finish with a ten-minute vitamin booster session and you’ll take home a few things to help you maintain your results. You’ll also take home a complimentary desensitizing gel in case you experience any sensitivity after the whitening treatment.

Steps to a whiter smile include:

  1. Preparation: Our specialist will put a moisture barrier on your lips & gums to protect them from the light. We will also provide you with protective eye glasses.
  2. Whitening: During three 20-minute sessions, whitening gel will be applied on your teeth and the light will shine on it. During that time you can listen to music or just relax. Some of our clients have even reported a brief nap!
  3. Booster Session: A ten-minute vitamin booster session will finish off your treatment. Our whitening specialist will then give you a take home bag. You can use this to further whiten you teeth if possible, or keep it for touch-ups later on.

Laser Teeth Whitening provides you with immediate, long-lasting results without harming your enamel. With good dental hygiene, your new bright smile can be maintained for many years.

Client Testimonial

I had an amazing experience with Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas with We Whiten. The workers were so kind and helpful. I was worried since I have sensitive teeth but honestly it didn’t hurt hardly at all. My teeth are genuinely much whiter and brighter! I’m very happy with my results 🙂 – Cierra T (Google)

Schedule a Las Vegas Teeth Bleaching Appointment Today

We Whiten offers teeth bleaching treatments ranging from 30 minutes for $79, to 90 minutes for $199. Learn how laser teeth whitening can be a great solution to get the dazzling smile you’ve been looking to unlock.

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