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Ever looked in the mirror and wished your smile was a bit whiter and brighter? You’re not alone. Teeth whitening in Southlake is more than just a fad; it’s a ticket to a radiant smile and boosted self-esteem. In the Southlake area, this cosmetic procedure is gaining traction for all the right reasons. We Whiten has a great solution to get whiter teeth.

Our clients relax in a state-of-the-art massage chair while their teeth get whitened!

Why Teeth Whitening?


Let’s face it, a sparkling set of pearly whites can turn heads. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good.


Ever noticed how you’re more likely to smile when you’re confident about your teeth? It’s a virtuous cycle: a brighter smile leads to increased confidence, which leads to more smiling.

Oral Health

Contrary to popular belief, teeth whitening isn’t just cosmetic. A cleaner mouth often translates to better oral health.

Types of Teeth Whitening


When you’re looking for immediate results, in-office teeth whitening is the way to go. We Whiten offers a range of advanced treatments, from laser whitening to custom bleaching trays. These procedures are usually completed in one to two hours, and you’ll walk out that day with a noticeably brighter smile. Depending on your teeth shade goals, more than one treatment may be required.


If you’re not in a rush or prefer the comfort of your home, there are plenty of at-home options. From whitening strips to gels and even LED kits, the choices are endless. However, patience is key here; results are gradual and may take a few weeks to become noticeable.

In-Studio Teeth Whitening in Southlake


In Southlake, you’ll find a bunch of in-office procedures. Laser treatments are the most advanced, using light to activate a bleaching agent on your teeth. Custom bleaching trays are another popular option, tailored to fit your teeth perfectly.


In-office treatments in Southlake can range from $300 to $1,000. While it’s a significant investment, the immediate and long-lasting results often justify the cost.

At-Home Whitening Options


Whitening strips are a convenient and budget-friendly option. They’re coated with a bleaching agent and are applied to the teeth for a set period. However, they may not cover all areas of your teeth, leading to uneven whitening. Many clients have major sensitivity issues with whitening strips.


Whitening gels can be applied using a brush or come in pre-filled trays. They offer more coverage than strips but can be a bit messier. As our in-studio gels can only be applied to the teeth and not your gums or lips, it’s important this is done by a professional.

Popular Teeth Whitening Studios in Southlake


Southlake is home to several highly-rated teeth whitening studios. We Whiten has earned the trust of 50,000+ clients nationwide. Do your research and read reviews to find the best fit for you.

DIY Teeth Whitening in Southlake

Natural Methods

Some people swear by natural methods like using baking soda or activated charcoal. While these options are budget-friendly, their efficacy is still debated.


DIY methods can be abrasive and may lead to enamel erosion if not done correctly.

Common Myths

Debunking Misconceptions

One common myth is that teeth whitening damages enamel. In reality, most professional treatments are designed to be safe and minimally invasive.

Southlake Teeth Whitening Insurance & Financing


Most dental insurance plans don’t cover cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. However, some studios offer financing options.

Payment Plans

We Whiten offers payment plans, making it easier to spread the cost of a treatment plan over several months.

Southlake Teeth Whitening Reviews

Real Stories from Real We Whiten Clients

Before and After

Before and after photos can be a powerful indicator of what to expect. However, remember that results can vary.

Latest Trends in Southlake


Advancements in technology are making teeth whitening more effective and less invasive. Keep an eye out for new methods that offer quicker and longer-lasting results.


From whitening toothpaste to portable LED kits, new products are continually entering the market. While not as effective as professional treatments, they can be a good maintenance option.


We Whiten Teeth whitening in Southlake offers something for everyone, from quick in-office treatments to convenient at-home options. Armed with this guide, you’re well-equipped to take the next step towards a brighter smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is teeth whitening permanent?
    • No, regular maintenance is required to keep your teeth looking their best and whitest.
  2. How often should I get my teeth whitened?
    • It varies, but generally every 6-12 months for in-office treatments.
  3. Is teeth whitening safe for everyone?
    • Most people are good candidates, but consult a dental professional first.
  4. What are the side effects?
    • Sensitivity is the most common side effect but usually subsides quickly.
  5. Can I eat right after a teeth whitening session?
    • It’s best to avoid staining foods and drinks for at least 48 hours.