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Different Kinds of Teeth Whitening

There are a few different kinds of teeth bleaching that you can try. People typically start by using a whitening toothpaste at-home. This can help to brighten your teeth, but will usually not be enough to actually whiten them. We recommend toothpaste as part of an overall teeth whitening treatment but not to be the only thing. After a professional whitening treatment, toothpaste can help teeth stay bright.

Many people may try over the counter solutions like whitening trays or strips. These treatments work but not as well as professional solutions. As with most things, what you buy in the store is simply not as strong as what you can get from a medical professional. Additionally, store bought whitening trays are designed to fit everyone’s teeth, not your teeth specifically. This means that they can become loose, and the solution can leak, leading to gum irritation.

We recommend that people in Aurora schedule an appointment with We Whiten instead. Our professional tooth whitening solutions can transform the look of your teeth in a dynamic way. This is partially due to the strength of the whitening gel that we use. Professional grade whitening gel can whiten teeth up to fourteen shades whiter or more. Store bought products will only provide versus around two or three shades. If you are looking for immediate and dramatic results, in-studio teeth whitening is a far better option.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a simply process designed to whiten your teeth. This can also be known as laser teeth bleaching. During this procedure, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth. An LED laser light is then directed onto your teeth, which oxidizes the gel. This activates its whitening properties and lifts stain molecules from your teeth.

The goal of laser teeth whitening is to lift stains and make your teeth look whiter. When a whitening solution is applied to the teeth, the hydrogen peroxide inside of the solution penetrates through the enamel. You then sit under our LED whitening lights, where the oxidation process can begin. This process makes them appear colorless, and teeth appear white. This process is extremely effective for eliminating stains and can be repeated.

When is Laser Teeth Whitening Not Effective

Sometimes, stains on your teeth are too strong for a teeth bleaching procedure to work. When this happens, we can recommend an alternative treatment. For example, clients in Aurora can have dental veneers placed on the surface of teeth in order to cover dark stains. This is often preferable for patients that are heavy smokers since veneers are stain resistant and won’t yellow quickly like natural teeth. It is always wiser to try a teeth whitening procedure first, before starting a cosmetic plan.

Top Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a great way to improve your smile. It can make your teeth look brighter and more beautiful, which can help you feel more confident when smiling and interacting with others. Professional teeth whitening also has the added benefit of being able to customize the procedure to suit your individual needs. Not only can it be done in our We Whiten studio, but it is also available through our teeth whitening take-home kits. Furthermore, professional teeth whitening is safe and effective thanks to advanced techniques that use powerful bleaching gels along with special light technology for optimal results. Teeth whitening does not require any kind of invasive treatment and yields lasting results with minimal discomfort or downtime for patients.

Contact We Whiten for Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Are you looking for a way to brighten your smile and boost your confidence? Teeth whitening treatments can do just that! Contact We Whiten today to schedule your appointment and get ready for a brighter, more beautiful version of your already dazzling smile. Experience fast results with no sensitivity – all from the comfort of your own home! So say goodbye to dull, yellow-tinged teeth and book an appointment with We Whiten today. You’ll be glad you did it!

To learn more about our laser teeth whitening or to get started, call (303) 214-5090 and schedule your appointment.

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