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After undergoing teeth whitening, many individuals are curious about what to eat after teeth whitening. Initially, it may be an overwhelming task to determine which foods are appropriate for you; however with a little research and effort it is straightforward!

Despite the initial shock of undergoing teeth whitening, one should not experience any major discomfort afterwards. In fact, most individuals only experience mild temporary sensitivity in the area around their teeth during the procedure itself and will subsequently resume enjoying food just as before – although with a slightly more appetizing flavor sensation!

Celery Can be Helpful

After taking several steps to rid your teeth of any remnants left behind by the bleaching process, it’s sensible to consume foods that aid with absorption. One such option could be celery!

Celery contains a compound called dicaffeoylquinic acid (DCA), which has been found to help ease inflammation and thus alleviate symptoms associated with sensitive teeth.

To reap its benefits, simply chew on one stalk daily – don’t forget to savor it as well!

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a popular food choice amongst many people, even those who haven’t experienced any sort of dental treatment. It provides an excellent compensation for sensitive teeth; however, it can also be consumed as a snack or even use in cooking as an ingredient.

Cottage cheese’s mild flavor allows you to enjoy its sweetness without experiencing any additional sensitivity to hot or cold foods. In addition to that, this creamy texture offers an excellent substitute for ice cream when indulging in desserts!


You won’t find many foods that boast such a pedigree as apples. These humble fruits have been consumed for centuries, and their antioxidant-rich composition has always been of interest to scientists. Indeed, it was recently discovered that apples possess an impressive one billion times more flavonoids than any other fruit!

For those seeking an oasis in between meals, reach for your apple. It’s been shown that this choice can help with digestion along with providing relief from indigestion – all while also boosting immunity.

Fish and Chicken

Fish and chicken are two excellent sources of protein; however, they can also be consumed as a snack or even incorporated into meals.

When it comes to fish, salmon is a great option due to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, this type of fish is known to promote Cognitive Functioning in adults!

When it comes to chicken, dark meat is the most beneficial. In particular, this type of poultry contains high levels of choline – an essential nutrient for cognitive function. Just be cautious of any vibrant seasonings or sauces to go with your protein; instead, stick to white sauces.

Other Ways to Protect Your Teeth After Whitening

Aside from consuming healthy foods, there are several other ways you can protect your teeth after undergoing teeth whitening. For example, make sure to avoid foods that contain high levels of sugar and starch. In addition, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid drinks with strong flavors. 

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