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The alluring prospect of having dazzling pearly whites has undoubtedly enticed many individuals to seek out methods of teeth whitening. Indeed, a glimpse into one’s mirror can reveal just how discolored some areas may appear – resulting in feelings of unease or embarrassment if not remedied.

Do you desire brighter, whiter teeth without having to endure the hassle of tooth cleaning? Then consider utilizing laser teeth whitening! This revolutionary approach provides immediate results that surpass those achieved by traditional methods such as toothpaste and bleach – with no pain or discomfort associated.

Discover how laser teeth whitening works in this enlightening piece!

Effectively Break Up The Intercellular Bonds

Though teeth are composed of enamel and dentine, a large proportion of the tooth is made from collagen. This fibrous substance provides structure to the tooth; in turn, this material has elasticity and an inherent propensity for self-repair.

During laser teeth whitening, the dentist utilizes an intense beam of light on your tooth enamel. This process can effectively break up the intercellular bonds within the tooth’s structure, leading to its eventual discoloration. Afterward, acids are then used to remove any remnants of remaining stains, or bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide are utilized to recondition the area – leaving behind a whiter hue!

What Are Laser Teeth Whitening Procedures?

Just like teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening can be achieved in a variety of ways. One common procedure involves using an LED light or another laser system to target tooth stains and discolorations on one’s teeth. In other words, one can have their smile brightened up with either a mild or intense form of laser treatment!

Laser-induced Fluorescence (LIF) is an innovative solution that combines the power of lasers with infrared technology to determine precisely where on your teeth discoloration occurs. This method enables dentists to provide you with a more individualized approach that provides optimal results for everyone.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening Temporary or Permanent?

The results of laser teeth whitening are generally considered temporary, though this may fluctuate based on the particular treatment applied. Patients typically experience a distinct change in their smile within three to eight weeks after its administration.

For many individuals, however, the procedure appears less permanent than expected – perhaps due to recurrent bleaching or even regrowth of dental tissue around their teeth. In such instances there may be some discoloration that remains even after its removal; additionally, those returning to toothpaste or eating habits which had been changed during this period will notice that they have returned with some new stains.

Why Do People Prefer This Method?

Individuals worldwide are opting for laser teeth whitening as a successful method of battling malodorous breath. This is also an advantageous choice, particularly since it is comparatively inexpensive and can be accomplished in just one visit – with minimal discomfort along the way! After undergoing your initial consultation with your dentist on what type of laser teeth whitening process best suits you, they’ll formulate an exact strategy that takes into account any peculiarities found within your mouth; this will ensure maximum comfort during treatment coupled with optimal results once completion!

What Are The Risks or Side Effects?

There are no reported cases of any negative side effects associated with the use of laser teeth whitening. This procedure is brief – lasting only a few minutes – so those who undergo it shouldn’t encounter any discomfort or other issues during the process itself.

One potential minor consequence that may occur following treatment with this technology is stinging or numbness in your gums and teeth; however, this typically goes unnoticed by most individuals and typically dissipates after a short period of time, allowing for continued consumption without compromising taste perception.

Though initially assessing swelling as an issue might be prudent during an initial session; nevertheless, it tends to resolve on its own over time if taken care of properly – such as through regular use of analgesics such as acetaminophen alongside appropriate hygiene measures like rinsing one’s mouth out regularly post-treatment when possible.

Contact We Whiten Today

Though tooth powders, pastes, and gels are effective at whitening your pearly whites, they can be messy and time-consuming. Luckily, laser teeth whitening creates a whiter smile in mere minutes with minimal effort and no mess whatsoever!

At our We Whiten studio, we use the most advanced teeth whitening technology available. With its patented technology, it’s an ideal choice for individuals seeking an easy-to-use option that can yield dramatic results; just be sure to schedule an appointment with us today!

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